Joseph Chiu

Founder / Group Managing Director


Joseph graduated in 2007 from University of Wales with a BEng. (Hons) in Civil Engineering.  He invested in his first property in 2006 when he was still a student, and has not stopped growing his property portfolio/Passive Income with +ve Cash Flow since. His industry knowledge stems from experience as an engineer for some of the world’s most reputable contractors; from the United Kingdom, where he worked on the 2012 London Olympics’ underground work; to Kuala Lumpur, where he worked on a two block, 44-storied high-rise complex that included a shopping mall. He has also worked in Singapore as a Project Engineer on the expansion of MRT.

Joe grew up in a family that runs Mcdonald’s business. Eljo Restaurants in Sibu is the 1st franchised Restaurant in Malaysia store #35, entrenched back in 1993. During his time with McD , he started as a trainee floor manager and eventually led a team of 300. His career with McD has enriched him with business acumens and where he learnt the importance of system and management for a thriving business.

His passion in engineering and interior design ultimately led him to form ELJO Development Sdn Bhd (903107-x) in 2010 and Ideas Makeover (1160723-U) in 2015. Since then, a number of his ventures have been focused on breathing new life into abandoned properties through refurbishing their interiors with his own refined and distinctive taste. From finding the properties, to rolling his sleeves up on site, to finally handing a pair of newly minted keys to the owner, Joseph strives for a feasible balance between value and aspiration. Most of his projects have either sold (>30% Margin) or rented (>8% Rental Yield) within months on the market and the record breaking rental income at 62% above market rental. He self-describes his passion in design & properties as an extension of his own pursuit of perfection.

Joe is also a Director of Chiu Ching Yii Realty Development Sdn Bhd (140288-M) that was formed for more than 20 years and is active in properties and lands investment.

Joseph’s passion for design and properties extends into his recruiting style. Believing that passion and commitment are the sources of true expertise, he is well known for spending hours interviewing industry hopefuls and specialists before finding the perfect matches for IDeas Makeover. The lucky chosen come from different backgrounds, but stand united in the most important aspect—love for their work.

Favorite lines: “Craft life, don’t let life craft yours.”

I am a Sarawakian who is proud to be one.