Nicholas Tan Chin Hua

Co-founder / Property Director


A 2008 graduate from the University of Bradford with a MPharm (Masters in Pharmacy), we like to say that Chin has had a double career life: the first as a registered pharmacist in London and Malaysia, where he went on to become manager at one of the biggest pharmaceutical retail company in Malaysia; the second in property development, which began in 2010.

Chin possesses a natural flair for lucrative investment opportunities, and an enviable track record in auction bidding and successful investment projects. He attributes his business acumen to having had the initiative to seek and master the techniques required to successfully navigate the tougher or lesser-known markets. This in itself is unusual, as most start their investing careers with ‘NO MONEY DOWN’ or ‘CREATIVE FINANCING’ properties first, but Chin emphasizes that such a start gave him a priceless advantage over competition – an intricate knowledge of the whole property investment ecosystem.

Chin started as an auction-property broker engaged with a licensed auctioneer since 2010, and has helped dozens of professional investors close multi-million deals. Chin ventured next into assisting investors to buy auction properties low and sell high with the capital appreciation of at least 30-50% in the last five years. He additionally manages his investors’ properties with the rental yield of as high as 10.5%.

He is well known for: closing million dollar deals, inventing the real estate ‘chemistry’ formula of (NMD + CF = AUCTIONED), and mastering the ‘Reverse Engineered Investment Strategies’.
Above all, Chin is a driven team leader who is focused on managing investor properties with the best return possible.

Favorite Line:
I create opportunities for myself in all situations and at all times.
‘If opportunities don’t knock, build a door’

Favorite Game: Texas Hold’Em.