Guaranteed 12 Months Rental First Launch

August 23, 2019

We recently launched our Guaranteed 12 Months Rental program, the first of its kind, on the 10th of August 2019. This program is yet another step to bringing our services to full circle for our guests and we are pleased to announce that it was well received by those in attendance.

The program, which promises 12 months rental to property owners who engaged us in our ID events is part of our effort to bring more values to all future guests.

Mr Iskandar D’zulkarnain, one of the attendees, had this to say during our launch:

“Excellent service. Great price and they cover pretty much everything. Highly recommended. A very dedicated staff. They even make a special slot to accommodate my family. Thumbs up to Chin Hua and Ricky too. They done an amazing job. After seeing this company, I decided not to look further anymore for interior designer. They won’t potong you at all. So have faith and give it a go. Wait no more, set an appointment and meet them now”

In such a soft and volatile market where people are faced with many uncertainties, it is our hope that this program could benefit our guests by giving them a solid foundation on which they could have a firm stand.