What do we Cover

Home Design Packages

Professional consultancy

Defect check follow-up

Paperwork submission to the management for all renovation and fit-out works


Transportation, mobilization, and demobilization for the renovation and fit-out works

On-site supervision and coordination

Cleaning and clearing prior to handover

Letting out your property


Every design are approved by our designers are and each unit are
unique in their own way.


Home design package is designed to turn your property into
tenants’ magnet that will fetch you and above average rental
with better profile tenants.



Feel free to add in or take out items in the package and we are
happy to requote the pricing for you.


We manage everything from the moment the key is handed over
to you, from defect check to renting out your property.
A Hassle-Free One-Stop-Service for property investors.

Our Projects

01 / Kuala Lumpur

Amber Cove —

02 / Kuala Lumpur

Amber Cove Show Unit —

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03 / Kuala Lumpur

SouthBank Residence —

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Our Project Team

Interactively coordinate proactive e-commerce via process-centric “outside the box“ thinking.

01 / Project Director

George —

“ I make sure projects are delivered on time. “

Graduated with a degree in Quantity Survey, George is a Project Director with vast experience in both site and cost management. George has proven to be the most qualified person in managing projects at the strategic level as paying great attention to details and sensitivity to figures are his main strength. He is also loved by all clients and colleagues for his caring and easy to get along nature.

02 / Project Coordinator

Denis —

“ I help you to build your dream home. “

Denis is our all-accomplishing, tireless Project Coordinator who handles technical support, management, and delivery of projects onsite. After real estate, Denis’ second passion in life is filmmaking, but he never feels like he has given up one of the two. We often see him in the exhilarating rush of completing projects to both client and company’s satisfaction.

03 / Quantity Surveyor

Kie Heng —

“ I bring values to our products and help my guests to save money.“

The guy who has all the materials and their costs at his fingertips.

‘To thrive and become more than whom I was yesterday. ‘

Kei Heng believes that following your own passion and having good character and get you everywhere in life.
Kie Heng is an outgoing person, self-motivated and result-driven young man. He pays attention to detail and makes every detail perfect.
We love our quantity surveyor!

04 / Site General Worker

Jibon —

“ I build homes for our guests. “

Jibon is always cheerful and hardworking. He loves to volunteer and constantly look for ways to help in any projects. He believes that teamwork enables each project to be done efficiently.

05 / Site General Worker

Reday —

“ I build homes for our guests. “

Reday has a deep appreciation for construction buildings. He enjoys every part of the building process. He quickly adds that the enjoyable part is being able to be a part of transforming beautiful homes for guests and seeing their happy face.

06 / Site General Worker

Sumon —

“ I build homes for our guests. “

Sumon is a young and spirited man. He is curious about almost everything around him and always looking for opportunities to grow. He hopes to make good friends with everyone around him.

07 / Logistic

Hew Jin Fook —

“ You can rely on me for logistic arrangements. “

Hew takes care of logistics for the company. He has a great deal of experience in solving logistic problems even in the most challenging and demanding situations. Hew’s kind, welcoming and friendly character allows others to learn more about him. He enjoys working as a team and is fully motivated in making everyone’s life convenient, easy and safe.