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IDeas Makeover Portfolio 2016/2017

Amber Cove Residential

01 / Kuala Lumpur

Amber Cove —

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02 / Kuala Lumpur


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03 / Kota Kinabalu

8 Avenue —

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Our Design Team

Interactively coordinate proactive e-commerce via process-centric “outside the box“ thinking.

01 / Project Director

George —

Graduated with a degree in Quantity Survey, George is a Project Director with vast experience in both site and cost management. George has proven to be the most qualified person in managing projects at the strategic level as paying great attention to details and sensitivity to figures are his main strength. He is also loved by all clients and colleagues for his caring and easy to get along nature.

02 / Project Coordinator

Denis —

Denis is our all-accomplishing, tireless Project Coordinator who handles technical support, management, and delivery of projects onsite. After real estate, Denis’ second passion in life is filmmaking, but he never feels like he has given up one of the two. We often see him in the exhilarating rush of completing projects to both client and company’s satisfaction.

Gygy Ong

03 / Senior Designer

Gygy Ong —

Gygy worked for a variety of Interior Design consultancies and construction companies before deciding to join Ideas Makeover. Her raw talent and tried-and-tested knowledge have contributed time and time again to IDeas’ efficient and high-quality projects. She is best known for bringing a blend of high fashion and elegance to our blueprints

Yna Inang

04 / Senior Interior Designer

Yna Inang —

Yna is a dedicated, hardworking individual who is well-versed in all aspects of Interior Design and Computer Science. Her appointment as Senior Interior Designer reflects her abilities to communicate well and co-work harmoniously with others working on projects. Yna is extremely detail-orientated and attentive towards understanding our clients’ needs.

Ashley Yeoh

05 / Designer

Ashley Yeoh —

With her impressive talent and unique taste in design, Ashley defies preconceived ideas on age. Her budding career path already boasts an enviably long and luxurious list of projects: large commercial projects, penthouses, a spa sanctuary, elite showrooms and work for the retailers. Her products are mostly the result of her vast reading and travelling experiences.

Karen Tan

06 / Designer

Karen Tan —

Karen is a motivated young professional with a bubbly disposition. It is her sunny disposition and diploma in Interior Design, which have led her into our interior design team. Karen loves to make friends, build strong bonds and act funny around with people. She also has unique taste in design, particularly modern and minimalism style despite her young age.

07 / Designer

Dion —

Dion is a designer with great passion and big dreams. Wanting to emerge himself in the world of interior designs, his heart led him to join Ideas Makeover’s team. He is a great listener and has a sensitive and caring heart that enables him to produce detailed-driven designs all the time. He strives to do his best, always ready to lend a hand and to contribute to people around him in any way he can.

What Do People Think About Us

I would like to thank the entire IDeas Makeover team for the excellent renovation work done to my investment condo. The whole process went very smooth as per schedule. I am very happy with the quality of work performed. Everyone was very professional and friendly and I could rely on their project team throughout the whole project knowing the whole team is highly committed to high quality work. Although the fees is on the high side, i think it’s worth it and it’s value for money. Moreover, I managed to rent my unit out at a very good price compared to the market rental. I highly recommend IDeas team to anyone who is looking for a quality, fast and committed renovation service provider.

Vincent –

June 2017

The design and their renovation work meet our expectation and the project was completed in a timely fashion. I love the team. They have good time management and punctual in delivering the work. On top of that, they are a cheerful team and easy to work with. I would hire IDeas team for my future projects again.

Affandy –

YouOne Condo
01 February 2017

It was refreshing to work with a team of young professionals who are passionate and know what they are doing. They have delivered a top quality job as scheduled. The result was above our expectation. We love their ID and the space it created. Our children and friends love it too. Thank you IDeas Makeover for making our dream come true.

Lawrence –

Bay Resort Condo
01 January 2017

It has been a pleasant experience working with Ideas Makeover Team. The team is extremely good with their work and the work was completed on time and the quality is above expectation. The plan, specification and execution are all delivered according what we previously agreed on. Moreover, they have been helpful and did some extra miscellaneous work as we requested.

The price they charged is very competitive and what I received is luxury for less. I would definitely recommend Ideas Makeover to my friends.

Chong Yik Ching –

YouOne Condo
01 December 2016

Me and my sister bought 2 units in Summer Suites KL for investment purposes. From the time I collected the keys from the developer till our units were rented out, Chin Hua had been of great help to me.. As I wasn’t residing in KL.

He followed up on the defects rectification by the developer, and keeping me updated. Next will be the renovation & furnishing the unit. Chin Hua & his business partner Joseph who specialize in ID,had been utmost professional in their works.

I gave them a budget to work with, and the style /concept that I preferred in furnishing our units. From sourcing for renovation contractors to purchasing of fixtures, I was kept in the loop about the progress.

The 2 units was renovated & furnished within our budgets and the concepts that we wanted. Both units were rented out now with 65% above market rate, thanks to the Chin Hua’s vast networks & experience.

If you are looking for experienced & honest Property Manager to manage your investment properties, I strongly recommend IDeas Makeover.

Edmund & Angela –

KL Summersuites
01 November 2016

Thank you for helping me to invest in the right apartment below market value & got my loan approved in such short period! Now I have a rental return which is much higher to my other properties. Btw, I really love the interior works you added to this apartment! Kudos!

Ann Wong –

01 October 2016

I would totally recommend their services. You have made me & my wife’s dream came true! Thank you Joseph and your team.

Patrick Gan –

01 September 2016