IDeas Makeover partnered up with a world class speaker to form IDeas Makeover Academy for education. This platform runs events/seminars to educate people on a variety of topics that include property, investments, interior designs, entrepreneurship and etc.



IDeas Makeover opened their first branch in Kota Kinabalu.


IDeas Makeover wen into partnership with developers to do their interior design and to structure ID packages for their properties.

IDeas Makeover took down 27 units from the developer to run it as service apartments.


IDeas Makeover launched their first ID packages to investors for bulk projects.


IDeas Makeover acquireed HOTC Design Studio and merged their Interior Design and Project Management under the new subsidiary company so as to offer investors an increasingly complete, high quality and customizable service.

IDeas Makeover recruited their first actuary to handle risk assessment, valuation and structuring investment packages in-house.

IDeas Makeover became the ambassador of Perfect Livin, the biggest interior design exhibition in Malaysia to showcase our designs and to give a talk on turning (ID) liabilities into assets.


IDeas Makeover opened their first branch in Kuala Lumpur at Axis Pandan.

IDeas Makeover diversified into property investments and management.

IDeas Makeover hosted the ‘Borneo One Day Event’ on “How to Build Streams of Cash Flow in Properties.” These are held at Sibu, Miri, Kuching and Kota Kinabalu.



Two friends, Joseph Chiu and Tan Chin Hua came together to form IDEASMAKEOVER. It was initially a company that do interior design and renovation for property investors.