Our Team

IDeas Makeover would be nothing without its multi-talented team. Together, we offer a variety of business acumen, a watertight execution scheme, and a trademark interior design style you will find nowhere else. Allow us to make your project’s success our personal business.

01 / Founder / Group Managing Director

Joseph Chiu –

“ I run a property investors’ one-stop-centre. “

Joe grew up in a family that runs Mcdonald’s business. Eljo Restaurants in Sibu is the 1st franchised Restaurant in Malaysia store #35, entrenched back in 1993. During his time with McD, he started as a trainee floor manager and eventually led a team of 300.

His passion for engineering and interior design ultimately led him to form ELJO Development Sdn Bhd (903107-x) in 2010 and Ideas Makeover (1160723-U) in 2015. Since then, a number of his ventures have been focused on breathing new life into abandoned properties by refurbishing their interiors with his own refined and distinctive taste. From finding the properties to rolling his sleeves up on site, to finally handing a pair of newly minted keys to the owner, Joseph strives for a feasible balance between value and aspiration. Most of his projects have either sold (>30% Margin) or rented (>8% Rental Yield) within months on the market and the record-breaking rental income at 62% above market rental. He self-describes his passion in design & properties as an extension of his own pursuit of perfection.


02 / Chairman

Janice Ting —

She was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of W T K Holdings Berhad, a Public Listed Company in 1998, she was actively involved in management, strategic planning in direction and making decisions on investments, business expansions and growth of the Company including corporate restructuring, review and formulate policies in both operations and finances, risk management, succession planning and other advisory works.


03 / Co-founder / Property Director

Nicholas Tan Chin Hua —

“ I’m the property guy that takes care of all your property needs whether it is rental or sale. “

Chin possesses a natural flair for lucrative investment opportunities and an enviable track record in auction bidding and successful investment projects. He is well known for: closing million dollar deals, inventing the real estate ‘chemistry’ formula of (NMD + CF = AUCTIONED), and mastering the ‘Reverse Engineered Investment Strategies’. Above all, Chin is a driven team leader who is focused on managing investor properties with the best return possible.

04 / Marketing Director

Shirly Tiong —

“ I create values for our guests. “

Feel free to let her know how IDeas Makeover makes you feel!

‘’Consistently amazing customer service doesn’t happen by accident. It happens on purpose. It is crucial for me to stay attuned to customer needs and expectation in order to shape the direction of customer service to meet the changing needs of our clients’’

Shirly is the person who creates and implement strong, clearly-defined service standards in the company. Her priority is to create a positive customer experience that goes beyond what normally a business can achieve; that is to connect emotionally with all our clients.

05 / Business Planning and Development Director

Joseph Tiong —

“ I help to strategize your investment portfolio. “

Joseph is a qualified actuary with vast experience in both insurance and consultancy companies. He has a solid grounding in actuarial valuation, costing, probability, options, and futures markets.

Gygy Ong

06 / Design Director

Gygy Ong —

“ I create beautiful and functional designs for our guests. “

Gygy worked for a variety of Interior Design consultancies and construction companies before deciding to join Ideas Makeover. Her raw talent and tried-and-tested knowledge have contributed time and time again to IDeas’ efficient and high-quality projects. She is best known for bringing a blend of high fashion and elegance to our blueprints. She has excellent people skills. All clients love her.

07 / Project Director

George —

“ I make sure projects are delivered on time. “

Graduated with a degree in Quantity Survey, George is a Project Director with vast experience in both site and cost management. George has proven to be the most qualified person in managing projects at the strategic level as paying great attention to details and sensitivity to figures are his main strength. He is also loved by all clients and colleagues for his caring and easy to get along nature.

HQ Team

08 / Accountant

Suk Bing —

“I analyze financial data to provide feedback and assist in making the business decision. “

Suk Bing has a knack for creating simple intuitive solutions. She utilizes her background to facilitate great results in order to achieve a sustainable success. She works hard to unite our internal teams and partners towards a common vision and firmly believes that communication is key.

She combines great communication skills with empathy for her teams while bringing curiosity, creativity, and simplicity
to her work.

“Keep it simple and easy” is her mantra, as equally applicable to life as it is to her work.

09 / Account Executive Cum HR

Joanne —

‘I provide reinforcement for the accounts operations while maintaining the team database.“

Joanne’s extensive knowledge runs parallel to her infectious friendliness. In fact she’s a person who lives in the moment without worry or concern for needless matters; she’s a realist.

She’s tentative and meticulous in her work and always been able to produce quality work in record time, she also has a keen eye for detail and, what seems a never-ending supply of creative ideas.

She believes that “Start small and go big, then dream of bigger things to come”.

10 / Account Executive

Siaw Yen —

“ I stay vigilant/alert in monitoring the figures and verify data accuracy to make precise projections possible.“

Siaw Yen’s infectious tenacity personality, effervescent attitude and flair for all things had cemented to the person she is today.

She’s a natural problem-solver, both professionally and in her spare time. Her knack for building personal relationships and understanding her team is unrivalled. She has an obsession of putting things to good use, hence her vast knowledge and experience.

“Determination and hard work is what makes dreams come true!”

11 / General Admin

Tillie —

“ I make sure all the paperwork are well organized and maintained to ensure a smooth operation. “

Tillie is a patient, diligent and attentive girl who has the ability to use positive language and able to ‘read’ people that make everyone to feel at ease and comfortable around her.

The devotion she dedicated to her passion gives her the determination to work hard and continuously improve herself no matter what it takes.

Tillie is a great team player too. She believes that teamwork is the heart of great achievement and what makes her work meaningful and fun.

‘The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.

12 / General Admin

Fenny Saran —

“ I make sure all the paperwork are well organized and maintained to ensure a smooth operation. “

Fenny is known for her quick sense of humor and passion to learn and experience new things. Fenny shines through her ability to juggle many tasks and her positive attitude. She enjoys being challenged and is constantly looking for ways to grow. Fenny has great people skills and loves to communicate with people. She is motivated to do her best and strives to do a great job.

She believes that “To be happy, do the best you can, be good and be kind.“

13/ Account Assistant

Josh Wong —

“I assist by facilitating tasks to ensure effortless execution of the accounts operations.”

Josh has a knack for precise preparation of financial statements. Known for being hardworking, Josh will always get the job .With diligence and hard work, it is no secret that he is excellent at preparing audited financial and schedules to support financial reports as well as in assisting people in a compassionate and professional way. His strength is in piecing together information like a puzzle-analyzing, interpreting and studying data in order to come up with a solid conclusion.

Josh, believes that its important to “ work hard, dream big, and believe in yourself“ .

Marketing Team

14/ Marketing Executive / Event & Planning

San San —

I organize exciting events for our guests“

San San is in charge of event planning and execution. San San has an innate ability to connect with others and an insatiable thirst for excellence that makes her excellent in what she is doing. She is a burst of sunshine to those around her.

San San believes that, “The journey might be tough and challenging, but the view is worth it.“

15 / Marketing Executive / Event & Planning

Taro —

“I create memorable moments for guests”

Taro has an adventurous streak and a goofy side that complements her amiable personality. She enjoys seeking new challenges, but not without injecting a bit of fun in everything she does.
She loves travelling and dreams about all the wonderful adventures the world has to offer. She enjoys meeting new people and making new friends and always goes out of her way to make them happy and feel special.

Her sense of adventure led her to join IDeas Makeover.

16 / Marketing Executive

Roz Gyna —

“ I add values and keep our guests happy. “

Gyna has a personable and sweet character. She is always smiling and respectful to the people around her. She also loves challenges and is compassionate about life. She loves to listen to people and she can also mesmerize you with her way of speaking.

Her passion to understand and connect with people is what drove her out of her comfort zone to take up the challenge to be IDeas Makeover’s Marketing Assistant.

17/ Marketing Assistant

Brandon —

“I bring values and great services to our guests.”

Brandon is a person who knows how to execute difficult tasks with precision. He pays attention to details and makes sure that every task is not only just right but is also completed in a timely manner. He is very organized and believes in keeping track of what he wants to achieve both in life and at work. He likes to know ahead of time and make necessary preparation to enable him to identify details and find a solution to it.

Brandon is passionate about the needs and goal of his guests, and it is important to him that he always has his guests interest in mind He has a keen interest in marketing and a strong desire to learn as much as possible about sales.

Known for his dedication and his precision at work to achieve goals, Brandon tackles challenges with positive energy and solutions.

‘Failure teaches me’, describes Brandon’s approach to life and work.

18 / Marketing Assistant / Graphic Designer

Elaine —

“ I design and enhance our brand identity. “

Elaine has a great love for art. Being an attentive and good listener, her designs convey messages clear and well. Elaine is passionate about what she does and she expresses herself through her designs. She believes that if you truly love what you do, it shows in your work.

“Smiling Face and Loving Heart“, that’s her motto in life.

19 / Marketing Assistant / Photographer

Beatrice —

“I capture moments and create memories.”

Beatrice’s soft spot is her love for photography.

She loves to capture beautiful moments that can be remembered. Just like a camera, Beatrice has a positive outlook on things, she likes to look at problems from a different perspective and find unexpected solutions to it. Her bubbly and cheerful personality shines when she talks to people.

“You live, you learn, you upgrade”. That’s a good way to look at life and this best describes what she believes in.

20 / Marketing Assistant / Content Writer

Brendan Liew —

“ I create contents and social media posts. “

Brendan is a hard working individual with an intense hunger to strive for knowledge. He never stops at the limits of writing, he’s always ready to explore new things and spends most of his spare time hunting down information that is not common or widely known. His hunger for knowledge and determination are perfect for his muses.

He is also a very easy going person who loves and enjoys the simple pleasures of life; appreciating the blessings that life has to offer him.

He firmly believes that ‘crazy always beats strong’— this has lead him to have many hilarious and amazing life experiences.

21 / Marketing Assistant / Content Writer

Elijah —

“I fill in the blanks to make lasting impressions“

Elijah is an amiable fellow who has proven to be quite adaptable to any situation. Upon first glance, he would appear to be quite unassuming but his philosophical nature has led to zany adventures which serves as the basis to his experiences.

His interests range from reading and writing to hiking and boxing; and while it may seem paradoxical to most, he somehow manages to balance it all pretty well.

His personal motto “Ante scientia, sapientia“ highlights his belief that having knowledge without the wisdom to use it is akin to having nothing at all and that was what brought him to IDeas Makeover.

Interior Design Team

22 / Interior Designer

Karen Tan —

“ I make our guests’ dream home comes true. “

Karen is a motivated young professional with a bubbly disposition. It is her sunny disposition and diploma in Interior Design, which have led her to our interior design team. Karen loves to make friends, build strong bonds and act funny around with people. She also has a unique taste in design, particularly modern and minimalism style despite her young age.

23 / Interior Designer

Dion —

“ I help you to build your dream home. “

Dion is a designer with great passion and big dreams. Wanting to emerge himself in the world of interior designs, his heart led him to join Ideas Makeover’s team. He is a great listener and has a sensitive and caring heart that enables him to produce detailed-driven designs all the time. He strives to do his best, always ready to lend a hand and to contribute to people around him in any way he can.

24 / Interior Designer

Shin Ying —

“ I help to shop for quality furniture for our guests. “

Shin Ying is young and has an amazingly positive vibe about her. Her positive attitude & young spirit brings a youthful energy to our projects and team culture. Although she is quiet, her passion towards interior design shines through. Her passion is in playing with materials and design elements that are unique and vibrant to the design concept and client’s taste.

“To be a better one“ is her life’s motto. She aims to always do her best in what she does in life.

25 / Interior Designer

Chooi Ying —

“ I help provide good and quality design for my guests. “

Chooi Ying is creative and believes in the power of beautiful interiors to transform homes & lifestyles. Her friendly and helpful personality makes her an enjoyable person to be with those around her. She takes pride in her attention to detail, quality and creating spaces that are functional. She believes that there are always new things to learn. She loves challenges and sees them as opportunities to grow.

She holds on dearly to this quote in life that with “no pain, there is no gain“.

Property Team

26 / Operations Manager

Khing —

” I plan and oversee sales and projects to ensure a smooth operation.”

Khing has a wealth of experience in operations, products purchasing, crews and management scheduling and equipment handling. He started as a trainee floor manager in 2009 with McDonald, with his impressive leadership skills he then became the general manager in 2015. His focus on operational excellence and disciplined execution have enabled him to bring about significant operating gains.
He is an easy going person who is very supportive of his. His lovable personality shines when he communicates with teammates and guests that he meets. He believes in giving his best and has a great attitude towards people and the operation that he handles. It’s no surprise why he is drawn to operation management with this infectious nature.

His favourite phrase, “Dedication and integrity are the keys to happiness at work” best represents his can-do attitude.

27 / 1st Assistant Operations Manager

Manisah —

” I plan and oversee sales and projects to ensure a smooth operation.”

Manisah is an enthusiastic self-starter with a strong desire to learn, comfortable in taking responsibility and acting independently to meet objectives. She works well in high-paced situations and can handle multiple tasks simultaneously.
She’s an also a clear communicator with a passion for people and constantly trying to find ways to give uplifting experiences to her team. With ten years of proven record for generating and building relationships, managing day to day tasks completion, strategies, and coaching individuals to success.

As she engages in her daily duty, she constantly reminds herself “In order to succeed, we must first believe we can.”

28 / 1st Assistant Operations Manager

Raymond —

“I plan and oversee sales and projects to ensure a smooth operation.”

Originally, Raymond started as a trainee floor manager in 2012 with McDonald. He has developed significant experience in each operation that he worked in. He is a people driven person who seeks to ensure and improves the performance and efficiency of his teammates during operations as well as oversees the implementation of strategic goals. Raymond has a positive outlook of things in life, whether when with teammates or guests that he meets. His sunny side shines when he communicates with those around him. He takes proactive approach in keeping our commitment to provide quality services to our guests and to ensure that our guests is happy with the services we provide.
Raymond, is a self-motivator who believes that, “You don’t have to be the best to feel great”. All you have to do is just to believe in yourself as the essence of ones needs are captured in finding joy in the little tiny things that we so often overlook.

29 / Analyst

Fenni —

“I help to analyze and strategize your investment portfolio”

Fenni’s chatty and full-of-beans persona shines when she communicates with others. She believes that the right words can help a person more than you think and that is what she is striving to achieve; to help, to motivate and to inspire people that she has the chances to make the connection with.

She spent four years in getting a degree in urban planning, so she learns that to better plan for tomorrow, it starts by engaging with and having the knowledge of the real communities today.

She believes that opportunities are everywhere in this city that we live in if we know where and how to search for them.

30 / 2nd Assistant Operations Manager

Ricky —

”I deliver quality experiences to my guests. ”

Ricky is an individual that believes the best work is a combination of honest collaboration and craft. He has a talent for making work space more productive and making people feel valued. He ensures our guests are engaged and supported, he brings an empathetic approach whenever working with people and the world around us.

He has invested in all facets of the projects that he’s a part of. He wishes to only better understand and create emotionally engaging outcomes.

31 / Sales Assistant


“ I provide steadfast support for the team to help improve guest experiences “

Vivian’s soft spot is for her guests and customer service. She loves creating meaningful connections with the people around her and she feels a true devotion equipping herself with new skills to enrich her life.
She’s a goal-oriented individual and is constantly exploring new ideas. She balances her passion for her dedication to performance and code simplicity.
My positive and adaptable Mindset is an invaluable addition to any situation.

“I believe in the power of perseverance. We don’t know what we are capable of without trying! Is her go to motto in life.

Project/ Logistic Team

32 / Project Coordinator

Denis —

“ I create comfortable space for our guests. “

Denis is our all-accomplishing, tireless Project Coordinator who handles technical support, management, and delivery of projects onsite. After real estate, Denis’ second passion in life is filmmaking, but he never feels like he has given up one of the two. We often see him in the exhilarating rush of completing projects to both client and company’s satisfaction.

33 / Quantity Surveyor

Kie Heng —

“ I bring values to our products and help my guests to save money. “

The guy who has all the materials and their costs at his fingertips.

‘To thrive and become more than whom I was yesterday. ‘

Kei Heng believes that following your own passion and having good character and get you everywhere in life.
Kie Heng is an outgoing person, self-motivated and result-driven young man. He pays attention to detail and makes every detail perfect.
We love our quantity surveyor!

34 / Quantity Surveyor

Ming Kai —

“I help minimizing cost and bring values to our guests.”
Ming Kai has an extensive experience in all aspects of quantity surveying. He monitors and analyses the costing of each projects. He is a detailed, careful and helpful person. He has a substantial knowledge on construction processes, contracts and procurement routes in both the utilities and building sector . He is able to work to strict time and budget constraints whilst demonstrating excellent client delivery skills and forging strong relationships with teammates.

Ming kai strongly believes that being hardworking is the key to being successful, “It always seems impossible until it’s done”.

35 / Senior Site Supervisor / Carpenter

Phan —

“I use my hand and minds to build beautiful and functional furniture and woodworks.”

Phan has a diverse background with years of experience in carpentry. He has a focus on each project and his attention to details as well as his problem-solving skills are truly remarkable.

He has a strong approach to quality control and has a fine taste for each item he chooses to use. With Phan’s knowledge and understanding of construction and his excellent management, communication and interpersonal skills, he creates a good teamwork environment for each project. With his strong work ethic and personal approach, he is able to develop a strong relationship with everyone.

He is a joy to work with especially to those around him.

36 / Site Supervisor / Electrician

Jason —

“I oversee projects to bring successful outcomes.”

Jason’s passion and love for construction started at a young age.

He has a vast understanding of construction projects. He is known for his dedication and abilities in developing strategies to achieve project goals. He has a strong approach to project site safety to ensure that not only are the projects delivered on time, but also is safe too.

Jason fosters an environment of teamwork and ensures each task is carefully panned as he oversees the progress of projects to achieve a successful outcome.

37 / Site Supervisor

Julia —

“I oversee projects to bring successful outcomes.”

Once a trainee floor manager with McDonalds in 2013, then an ordering manager in the food quality department. Her experience working with McD helps her a lot as she is responsible for project management including quality controlling and providing day-to-day communication with the project team to ensure jobs remain on schedule and within budget. A team player, Julia holds an excellent track record of strong working relationships with owners, technicians, and project crews, resulting in successful construction experiences. Julia’s tough and easy-going personality enables those that are alongside her execute the job well and efficient together. She ensures project goals are met while maintaining superior standards of service, collaboration, safety, efficiency, and quality.

“Never stop learning, because life never stops teachings”, is what motivates her to continue to strive in each life challenges she faces and makes her the person she is today.

38 / Crew

Jibon —

“ I build homes for our guests. “

Jibon is always cheerful and hardworking. He loves to volunteer and constantly look for ways to help with any projects. He believes that teamwork enables each project to be done efficiently.

39 / Crew

Reday —

“ I build homes for our guests. “

Reday has a deep appreciation for construction buildings. He enjoys every part of the building process. He quickly adds that the enjoyable part is being able to be a part of transforming beautiful homes for guests and seeing their happy face.

40 / Crew

Irsyad —

“ I build homes for our guests. “

Irsyad is detail-oriented and communicates clearly to all his crew, with his breadth of knowledge and can-do attitude makes him a valuable asset. He lives life to the fullest and focus on the positive and believes that worry is a misuse of imagination.

His beliefs are building and nurturing an environment where communication is key, perspectives are respected, and teamwork is paramount. He works to his hardest and puts his all into whatever is coming!

41 / Crew

Frankie —

“ I build homes for our guests. “

Frankie has a passion working with people and he unites our team to work towards a common goal, intrigued by the balance of work and fun, he takes pride in what does while having fun among the team.

People find him to be self-motivated and a team player with excellent communication skills. He also has an ability to plan, schedule, and handle many different tasks at once. This flexibility enables him to have different learning styles throughout the years.

He learned the value of hard working by working hard!

42 / Crew

Hairrie —

“ I build homes for our guests. “

Hairrie worked his way up from crew in 2012 to a crew trainer in 2015 with McD. As he progressed, his love for construction and projects grew. He is a detailed and focus person, he pays close attention and enjoys being able to produce beautiful homes that guests would be able to enjoy and experience for a long time. He has excellent organizational skills and is able to clearly convey information and do a project with his teammates.He is a team player, and believes teamwork is essential to ensure a smooth operation. He is independent, hardworking and a joyful person to those around him.

He believes that as a person, you “Don’t give up but keep it up”.

43 / Crew

Patrick —

“I build homes for our guests.“

Patrick is always constantly on a look-out for inspiration and he finds it best working with the people around him. He believes that hard-work pays off.

He’s endlessly inspired by nature and adventures. I love waking up to new horizons, making friends with people, and exploring the world.

“Nothing worth having comes easy“ is his go-to motto in life.“

44 / Logistic

Hew Jin Fook —

“ You can rely on me for logistic arrangements. “

Hew takes care of logistics for the company. He has a great deal of experience in solving logistic problems even in the most challenging and demanding situations. Hew’s kind, welcoming and friendly character allows others to learn more about him. He enjoys working as a team and is fully motivated in making everyone’s life convenient, easy and safe.

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