Our Team

IDeas Makeover would be nothing without its multi-talented team. Together, we offer a variety of business acumen, a watertight execution scheme, and a trademark interior design style you will find nowhere else. Allow us to make your project’s success our personal business.
Joseph Chiu

01 / Founder / Group Managing Director

Joseph Chiu –

Joe grew up in a family that runs Mcdonald’s business. Eljo Restaurants in Sibu is the 1st franchised Restaurant in Malaysia store #35, entrenched back in 1993. During his time with McD , he started as a trainee floor manager and eventually led a team of 300.

His passion in engineering and interior design ultimately led him to form ELJO Development Sdn Bhd (903107-x) in 2010 and Ideas Makeover (1160723-U) in 2015. Since then, a number of his ventures have been focused on breathing new life into abandoned properties through refurbishing their interiors with his own refined and distinctive taste. From finding the properties, to rolling his sleeves up on site, to finally handing a pair of newly minted keys to the owner, Joseph strives for a feasible balance between value and aspiration. Most of his projects have either sold (>30% Margin) or rented (>8% Rental Yield) within months on the market and the record breaking rental income at 62% above market rental. He self-describes his passion in design & properties as an extension of his own pursuit of perfection.

Nicholas Tan Chin Hua

02 / Co-founder / Property Director

Nicholas Tan Chin Hua —

Chin possesses a natural flair for lucrative investment opportunities, and an enviable track record in auction bidding and successful investment projects. He is well known for: closing million dollar deals, inventing the real estate ‘chemistry’ formula of (NMD + CF = AUCTIONED), and mastering the ‘Reverse Engineered Investment Strategies’. Above all, Chin is a driven team leader who is focused on managing investor properties with the best return possible.

Core Team

Janice Ting

03 / Chairman

Janice Ting –

She was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of W T K Holdings Berhad, a Public Listed Company in 1998, she was actively involved in management, strategic planning in direction and making decisions on investments, business expansions and growth of the Company including corporate restructuring, review and formulate policies in both operations and finances, risk management, succession planning and other advisory works.

Shirly Tiong

04 / Marketing Director

Shirly Tiong —

Feel free to let her know how IDeas Makeover make you feel!

‘’Consistently amazing customer service doesn’t happen by accident. It happens on purpose. It is crucial for me to stay attuned to customer needs and expectation in order to shape the direction of customer service to meet the changing needs of our clients’’

Shirly is the person who create and implement strong, clearly-defined service standards in the company. Her priority is to create a positive customer experience that go beyond what normally a business can achieve; that is to connect emotionally with all our clients.

Joseph Tiong

05 / Business Planning and Development Director

Joseph Tiong —

Joseph is a qualified actuary with vast experience in both insurance and consultancy companies. He has solid grounding in actuarial valuation, costing, probability, options and future markets.

George Hii

06 / Project Director

George —

Graduated with a degree in Quantity Survey, George is a Project Director with vast experience in both site and cost management. George has proven to be the most qualified person in managing projects at the strategic level as paying great attention to details and sensitivity to figures are his main strength. He is also loved by all clients and colleagues for his caring and easy to get along nature.


07 / Account and Administrative Executive

Anastasia —

Ana worked in finance and accounting in the Oil and Gas Industry before venturing into the property industry. She is very enthusiastic and handles the administration and scheduling for IDeas Makeover.

Arissa Ganing

08 / Project Admin

Arissa Ganing —

Arissa organizes the necessary team members with the core purpose of facilitating project development, reports, and project analytics. Arissa works under the supervision of our Project Manager.
With a degree in finance, Arissa’s work ethic and time management skills come in handy both on our worksites and in our office. Arissa is best known for her work precision and time management skills.

10 / Brand Ambassador

Roz Gyna —

Gyna has a personable and sweet character. She is always smiling and respectful to the people around her. She also loves challenges and is compassionate about life. She loves to listen to people and she can also mesmerise you with her way of speaking.

Her passion to understand and connect with people, is what drove her out of her comfort zone to take up the challenge to be IDeas Makeover’s brand ambassador.

11 / Customer Service and Content Writer

Anthea —

Anthea is a passionate, caring and understanding content writer who studied languages and communication. She believes language is a powerful communication tool. Using it well enables those who read it to discover and understand any given information effectively. To her, writing is not only to inform and to make people understand but also to make people to have a fun time reading your messages as well.

Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing! That’s her motto in life.

12 / Customer service co-ordinator and Admin

Tillie —

Tillie is a patient, diligent and attentive girl who has the ability to use positive language and able to ‘read’ people that make everyone to feel at ease and comfortable around her.

The devotion she dedicated to her passion gives her the determination to work hard and continuously improve herself no matter what it takes.

Tilllie is a great team player too. She believes that teamwork is the heart of great achievement and what makes her work meaningful and fun.

‘The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.
Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing! That’s her motto in life.

Gygy Ong

12 / Senior Interior Designer

Gygy Ong —

Gygy worked for a variety of Interior Design consultancies and construction companies before deciding to join Ideas Makeover. Her raw talent and tried-and-tested knowledge have contributed time and time again to IDeas’ efficient and high-quality projects. She is best known for bringing a blend of high fashion and elegance to our blueprints. She has excellent people skills. All clients love her.

Karen Tan

13 / Interior Designer

Karen Tan —

Karen is a motivated young professional with a bubbly disposition. It is her sunny disposition and diploma in Interior Design, which have led her into our interior design team. Karen loves to make friends, build strong bonds and act funny around with people. She also has unique taste in design, particularly modern and minimalism style despite her young age.

14 / Interior Designer

Dion —

Dion is a designer with great passion and big dreams. Wanting to emerge himself in the world of interior designs, his heart led him to join Ideas Makeover’s team. He is a great listener and has a sensitive and caring heart that enables him to produce detailed-driven designs all the time. He strives to do his best, always ready to lend a hand and to contribute to people around him in any way he can.


15 / Project Coordinator

Denis —

Denis is our all-accomplishing, tireless Project Coordinator who handles technical support, management, and delivery of projects onsite. After real estate, Denis’ second passion in life is filmmaking, but he never feels like he has given up one of the two. We often see him in the exhilarating rush of completing projects to both client and company’s satisfaction.

16 / Quantity Surveyor

Kie Heng —

The guy who has all the materials and their costs at his fingertips.

‘To thrive and become more than whom I was yesterday. ‘

Kei Heng believes that following your own passion and having good character and get you everywhere in life.

Kie Heng is an outgoing person, self-motivated and result-driven young man. He pays attention to detail and make every detail perfect.

We love our quantity surveyor!

17 / Property Investment Planner

Jacky Chiew —

Jackie Chew is an experienced Property Consultant who specializes in assisting investors and buyers to take appropriate decisions regarding property purchase.
Jackie has been known as a casual, easy going and low profile person who is always at his best at being socialize, persuasive and marketing which are part of his job strength. Some of his main interests include sports, badminton and travelling.

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