Property Planning and Development, Marketing and Sales

Providing Solutions to meet your Business Needs

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Land and Property

IDEAS MAKEOVER help clients to find development site through our expert team and network of contacts. We are frequently able to offer below market value opportunities to clients and investors.

Planning & Development, Marketing & Sales

Clients can take advantage of our property expertise in multiple areas such as planning, due diligence study, interior design, facilities management, education, marketing and sales platform to execute your business needs.

With our Subsidiary interior design and project management company, HOTC Design Studio,
we provide project management and interior design services to ensure your project is on time and on budget, yet has the “Wow” factor to really make it special.

Our education platform, sales and marketing team, we can help the developers to sell off your properties fast.

A key factor in our success is a clear understanding of the needs of our clients and investors. This ensures that, right from the outset, our approach is designed to achieve the best possible result. Before putting forward a proposal we always get to know our clients’ plans, targets and timescales. For companies this may involve a detailed understanding of their business plans.