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Unlike a typical property investment company, which sources products to sell but remains detached from the development or management of the product, IDEAS MAKEOVER Group is the CORE INVESTOR for every projects we take down and controls every aspect of the investment from the initial identification of the opportunities (our strength is to look for below market value and exclusive deals), due diligence study, investment strategizing and restructuring, interior designed to accommodate every aspects of the investment nature and clients’ need and a specialist management team is recruited in-house to deliver consistently high levels of service as well as operating efficiencies.

We offer a variety of property investment opportunities for both amateur and professional investors who wants hands-off properties that generate impressive returns for their investment.

With IDEASMAKEOVER GROUP you can invest with us. We frequently make our own investments and are able to offer equity stakes or enter into joint ventures. We only advise clients to invest in projects that we’d be willing to invest in ourselves and this standpoint has helped to achieve excellent results for our investors, many of whom continue to invest with us.



Speaker – Joseph Chiu

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Joseph Chiu –

Joe grew up in a family that runs Mcdonald’s business. Eljo Restaurants in Sibu is the 1st franchised Restaurant in Malaysia store #35, entrenched back in 1993. During his time with McD , he started as a trainee floor manager and eventually led a team of 300.

His passion in engineering and interior design ultimately led him to form ELJO Development Sdn Bhd (903107-x) in 2010 and Ideas Makoever (1160723-U) in 2016. Since then, a number of his ventures have been focused on breathing new life into abandoned properties through refurbishing their interiors with his own refined and distinctive taste. From finding the properties, to rolling his sleeves up on site, to finally handing a pair of newly minted keys to the owner, Joseph strives for a feasible balance between value and aspiration. Most of his projects have either sold (>30% Margin) or rented (>8% Rental Yield) within months on the market and the record breaking rental income at 62% above market rental. He self-describes his passion in design & properties as an extension of his own pursuit of perfection.


Speaker – Nicholas Tan Chin Hua

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Nicholas Tan Chin Hua —

Chin possesses a natural flair for lucrative investment opportunities, and an enviable track record in auction bidding and successful investment projects. He is well known for: closing million dollar deals, inventing the real estate ‘chemistry’ formula of (NMD + CF = AUCTIONED), and mastering the ‘Reverse Engineered Investment Strategies’.Above all, Chin is a driven team leader who is focused on managing investor properties with the best return possible.


Upcoming Events

One of the things that we are very passionate about is the education of real estate and why it is an amazing vehicle to generate wealth.

In this economy right now, we could be helping many clients acquire properties at 31% below market value and after helping many of these clients and that we have actually done this many times ourselves and we have systematized it to a process and doing it over and over again. In this process and in this journey, we have successfully generated over 10 million dollars for our clients and we would like to be able to do the same for you.

We are doing this live training to show you how the blueprint that has made our top clients millions in investing and flipping these properties that are 31%++ below market value.

So during this full-fledged training, you will learn:

  • How you can acquire properties 31% below market value through this unheard of strategies that many don’t talk about
  • How to fully utilize the loopholes in the property scene doing the way that is ethical
  • How you can make more money upon instantly buying properties despite having limited capital
  • How to gain an unfair advantage in today’s economy

The best part is your investment in this live training is personally crafted by myself and made exclusively for you.

It is truly an honor for me and my team to help and to bring out the best in you in property investment!

We cannot wait to meet you.


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