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Why Our Clients Prefer Us over Others

We are in the business of creating THE BEST VALUE for our clients in the renovation space. We believe in delivering a no brainer strategy, whether the objective is to stay or to rent, is to create THE BEST MAKEOVER through this basic formula:

Award Winning Designs

We are very interior design driven, no matter the budget range. Our design concepts are thoughtfully created to stand the test of time, able to spawn into hundreds of variations, and proven to be always winning tenants at first sight!

Excellent Workmanship

We renovate with a focus on excellent workmanship with high quality materials that would last a long time. You could move in yourself after years of rental. And this you can’t do if its just dressed up with low budget wallpapers and decorative items. Visit our show units to touch & feel the difference.

Unbeatable Pricing

Many companies are able to achieve great work at an expected cost. That’s where we stand out. We are able to deliver work beyond your budget, beyond what you can imagine. Don’t just take our word for it, take our clients word for it 🙂

Ready Tenant. Rent Out at First Viewing

Our large network of property agents have been recommending our completed units to their discerning clientele base. Ones who would pay good rental for the best renovated units. Great interior design that comes together coupled with high quality workmanship do make all the difference.

Zero Hassle

Basically just tell us your budget, then do all the fun part by picking a design concept, for free. And customize by picking your color, wall feature, lights & furniture set. And leave the rest to us. Collect your keys in 15 days. Move in with your luggage or rent out as fast as 7 days.

Highest Rental Rate

Our formula in creating high quality designer homes has successfully resulted in getting our clients the highest rental rates in its development, within its class.

Award Winning Design Concepts

Our interior designs are tested & proven to work in the rental market. Each design concept has multiple variations that ensures every unit is unique!

4 Main Design Concepts
Hundreds of Unique Variations

Clients get absolute satisfaction by being able to play a part in their home design in very simple steps! And be assured that each client’s home is completely unique even though adopting the same concept!

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Basic Package

Our Basic Package covers the basic essentials such as lighting, full height curtain installations and wall feature for your living or bedrooms

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Who we are

We are a humble bunch of passionate people made up from the property industry; Interior designers, carpenters, property developers & property agents. Combining our expertise with our strong network of sub-vendors, we are able to formulate Designer Home Makeover Packages in the most affordable ways.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

I have to thank the team at Ideas Makeover for taking all the above out of my hands – as I had the incredible privilege of stepping into a completely renovated unit – trusting them to do all of the above for me. And it was a lovely surprise. For a very reasonable fee – the units I entrusted to them were completely move-in ready with beautifully done carpentry...

Datin Michelle GanHead-Sales & Marketing

From the beginning, Ideas Makeover arranged for the defect check before the renovation started. During the renovation we didn’t need to worry about the renovation and furniture arrangement, and after renovation they rent it out for us within 45 days. This helped us solve a lot of problems.

Amber ChiaModel, Actress, TV host

I have zero contribution to this entire thing, I literally just walked in here and pass the key to Joseph and they did everything. The end result is amazing and the value for money with quality designs, everything is done for you, you don’t have to figure out what it is. They have the formula and that’s why I love working with them...

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