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IDeas Makeover is a multi-talented team. Together, we offer a variety of business acumen, a watertight execution scheme, and a trademark interior design style you will find nowhere else. Allow us to make your project’s success our personal business.

Joseph Chiu

Founder & Group Managing Director

“ I run a property investors’ one-stop-centre. “

Joseph graduated in 2007 from the University of Wales with a BEng. (Hons) in Civil Engineering. He invested in his first property in 2006 when he was still a student, and has not stopped growing his property portfolio/Passive Income with +ve Cash Flow since. His industry knowledge stems from experience as an engineer for some of the world’s most reputable contractors; from the United Kingdom, where he worked on the 2012 London Olympics’ underground work; to Kuala Lumpur, where he worked on a two-block, 44-storied high-rise complex that included a shopping mall. He has also worked in Singapore as a Project Engineer on the expansion of MRT.

Joe grew up in a family that runs Mcdonald’s business. Eljo Restaurants in Sibu is the 1st franchised Restaurant in Malaysia store #35, entrenched back in 1993. During his time with McD, he started as a trainee floor manager and eventually led a team of 300. His career with McD has enriched him with business acumens and where he learned the importance of system and management for a thriving business.

His passion for engineering and interior design ultimately led him to form ELJO Development Sdn Bhd (903107-x) in 2010 and Ideas Makeover (1160723-U) in 2015. Since then, a number of his ventures have been focused on breathing new life into abandoned properties by refurbishing their interiors with his own refined and distinctive taste. From finding the properties to rolling his sleeves up on site, to finally handing a pair of newly minted keys to the owner, Joseph strives for a feasible balance between value and aspiration. Most of his projects have either sold (>30% Margin) or rented (>8% Rental Yield) within months on the market and the record-breaking rental income at 62% above market rental. He self-describes his passion in design & properties as an extension of his own pursuit of perfection.

Joe is also a Director of Chiu Ching Yii Realty Development Sdn Bhd (140288-M) that was formed for more than 20 years and is active in properties and lands investment.

Joseph’s passion for design and properties extends into his recruiting style. Believing that passion and commitment are the sources of true expertise, he is well known for spending hours interviewing industry hopefuls and specialists before finding the perfect matches for IDeas Makeover. The lucky chosen come from different backgrounds, but stand united in the most important aspect—love for their work.

Favorite lines: “Craft life, don’t let life craft yours.”

I am a Sarawakian who is proud to be one.


Nicholas Tan Chin Hua

Co-founder & Property Director

“ I’m the property guy that takes care of all your property needs whether it is rental or sale. “

A 2008 graduate from the University of Bradford with a MPharm (Masters in Pharmacy), we like to say that Chin has had a double career life: the first as a registered pharmacist in London and Malaysia, where he went on to become manager at one of the biggest pharmaceutical retail company in Malaysia; the second in property development, which began in 2010.

Chin possesses a natural flair for lucrative investment opportunities and an enviable track record in auction bidding and successful investment projects. He attributes his business acumen to have had the initiative to seek and master the techniques required to successfully navigate the tougher or lesser-known markets. This in itself is unusual, as most start their investing careers with ‘NO MONEY DOWN’ or ‘CREATIVE FINANCING’ properties first, but Chin emphasizes that such a start gave him a priceless advantage over the competition – an intricate knowledge of the whole property investment ecosystem.

Chin started as an auction-property broker engaged with a licensed auctioneer since 2010 and has helped dozens of professional investors close multi-million deals. Chin ventured next into assisting investors to buy auction properties low and sell high with the capital appreciation of at least 30-50% in the last five years. He additionally manages his investors’ properties with the rental yield of as high as 10.5%.

He is well known for: closing million dollar deals, inventing the real estate ‘chemistry’ formula of (NMD + CF = AUCTIONED), and mastering the ‘Reverse Engineered Investment Strategies’.
Above all, Chin is a driven team leader who is focused on managing investor properties with the best return possible.

Favorite Line:
I create opportunities for myself in all situations and at all times.
‘If opportunities don’t knock, build a door’

Favorite Game: Texas Hold’Em.

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Joseph Tiong

Business Planning & Development Director

“ I help to strategize your investment portfolio. “

Joseph is a qualified actuary with vast experience in both insurance and consultancy companies. He has a solid grounding in actuarial valuation, costing, probability, options, and futures markets. He currently leads IDeas Makeover in their due diligence, risk assessment, and investment/product structuring to help minimize investors’ risk, and maximize their investment return.

Best known for: Proactively envisioning company’s growth strategies.


George Hii

Project Director

” I make sure projects are delivered on time. “

Graduated with a degree in Quantity Survey, George is a Project Director with vast experience in both site and cost management.

George has proven to be the most qualified person in managing projects at the strategic level as paying great attention to details and sensitivity to figures are his main strength. He is also loved by all clients and colleagues for his caring and easy to get along nature.

Feel free to let her know how IDeas Makeover makes you feel!

“Consistently amazing customer service doesn’t happen by accident. It happens on purpose. It is crucial for me to stay attuned to customer needs and expectation in order to shape the direction of customer service to meet the changing needs of our clients’’

Shirly is the person who creates and implement strong, clearly-defined service standards in the company. Her priority is to create a positive customer experience that goes beyond what normally a business can achieve; that is to understand and connect to client wants and needs. Then go the extra mile for them.


Siaw Yan

Account Manager

“I stay vigilant/alert in monitoring the figures and verify data accuracy to make precise projections possible.”

Siaw Yen’s infectious tenacity personality, effervescent attitude and flair for all things had cemented to the person she is today.
She’s a natural problem-solver, both professionally and in her spare time. Her knack for building personal relationships and understanding her team is unrivalled. She has an obsession of putting things to good use, hence her vast knowledge and experience.
“Determination and hard work is what makes dreams come true!”



Operation Manager

” I plan and oversee sales and projects to ensure a smooth operation.”

Khing has a wealth of experience in operations, products purchasing, crews and management scheduling and equipment handling. He started as a trainee floor manager in 2009 with McDonald, with his impressive leadership skills he then became the general manager in 2015. His focus on operational excellence and disciplined execution have enabled him to bring about significant operating gains.
He is an easy going person who is very supportive of his. His lovable personality shines when he communicates with teammates and guests that he meets. He believes in giving his best and has a great attitude towards people and the operation that he handles. It’s no surprise why he is drawn to operation management with this infectious nature.
His favourite phrase, “Dedication and integrity are the keys to happiness at work” best represents his can-do attitude.


Chooi Ying

Director of Interior Design

“ I help provide good and quality design for my guests. “

Chooi Ying is creative and believes in the power of beautiful interiors to transform homes & lifestyles. Her friendly and helpful personality makes her an enjoyable person to be with those around her. She takes pride in her attention to detail, quality and creating spaces that are functional. She believes that there are always new things to learn. She loves challenges and sees them as opportunities to grow.

She holds on dearly to this quote in life that with “no pain, there is no gain”.

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